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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

A job interview is an integral part of the job acquisition process. A job interview can vary in many ways, but overall it is a conversation to assess a person’s attributes. It is common knowledge that an interview is highly important for starting and furthering an individual’s career. There are many steps you can take to prepare for an interview.


Interview Research

You got the call for an interview, congratulations. There are some steps to prepare you for the interview.

  • Research about the interviewer(s).

  • Investigate the job and expectations of performance in that position.

  • Know where the interview is, to establish a sense of comfortability.


Learn About the Company

Knowing how the company does their business, can be a huge talking point for an applicant to bring up. When researching, the applicant should develop a questions list to ask the interviewer, this allows the applicant to gain more information: Average annual sales... How many people do they employ?... News coverage on the company... What are the customers saying?... What are employees saying?... Products/services of the company.

If possible, the applicant should try using the company’s products or services to gain more insight on the company’s operations.


Practice Interviewing

Practice makes perfect. There are common questions that are asked during an interview and with the help of a simple Google search a person can figure out what those are.

  • Establishing a response to general questions can improve an applicant’s confidence.

  • The interviewer usually asks for situations from the applicant to assess their behavior/experience in the work place. Prepare stories about situations where you have exhibited exceptional behavior.

  • Mock interviews should happen more than once with different questions each time because if the real interviewer gets a sense that the applicants responses seem scripted, the value behind the response will decrease.


The Night Before and the Morning of the Interview

It is the night before the interview, you have done the research and conducted many mock interviews. The applicant should take their mind off the interview and try to relax.

  • Limit how much time you stay up because being well rested plays a key role in performance.

  • An interview usually ranges between business casual and business formal – depending on the company’s culture and dress code. Proper attire varies between genders, however, the clothing of the applicant’s choice should be cleaned, ironed, fit well and neutral in color.

  • Make sure you have everything that is needed for the interview, which could include: a resume, portfolio, references, and a pen/notepad.

The applicant should wake up relatively early to allow the brain and body to wake up as well. They should eat a healthy breakfast and go over a few talking points for the interview. The applicant should give themselves a decent amount of time to get dressed and to get to the place. Their hair and hygiene should be above society’s standards.


What to do in the Waiting Room

Actions and behaviors should model the company employee’s. This is because waiting room behaviors may be reported.

  • Nonverbal communication is important, it speaks volume on your character.

  • Eye contact is key when trying to project confidence. The applicant should think about how posture, listening, and respect can go a long way during an interview.

  • When your name is called approach the interviewer with a friendly smile and a firm handshake.


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